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Ilomata International Journal of Social Science with ISSN Number 2714-8998 (Online) - 2714-898X (Print) : published by Yayasan Ilomata, it is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal freely available online. The aim is to publish articles that contribute significantly to the body of knowledge. It publishes both theoretical and empirical articles and case studies relating to sociology, political science, history, law in society and related disciplines. Published articles use scientific research methods, including statistical analysis, case studies, field research and historical analysis.
The journal may target scientists, researchers, professors, students and policy makers from sociology, political science, history, law in society and related domains.


Vol 2 No 3 (2021): July 2021

Available online since July 2021


Published: Jul 31, 2021

Culture Insight Of New Age Technology For Underdeveloped Society Lidia Djuhardi Faculty of Communication Science

152-156 Lidia Djuhardi
Read Statistic: 30
Pdf Downloads: 33

Digital Learning and Teaching in the Age of COVID-19 Pandemic : Challenges, Opportunities,and Solutions

157-161 Nadiah Abidin, Wahidin Septa Zahran, Trie Andari Ratna Widyastuti, Vita Vitisia, Saktisyahputra
Read Statistic: 166
Pdf Downloads: 50

Does Covid 19 Pandemic Have a Direct Impact on the Level of Trust and Commitment toward Hospitals as Health Service Providers in Yogyakarta?

162-170 Yuni Heriyanti
Read Statistic: 34
Pdf Downloads: 23

Analysis of Citizen Relationship Management (CRM) in the effort of Handling Public Facilities Infrastructure (PPSU) in the Kartini’ Sub District , Central Jakarta

171-180 Mary Ismowati, Ati Mediana, Hashim A. Abdullah, Yuyun Mulyati
Read Statistic: 58
Pdf Downloads: 28

Analysis Of The Effectiveness Of Work Planning In Improving The Performance Of Civil Servise Police Unit/ Satpol PP

(Case Study: Planning Work Of Control For PKL at Pancoran Sub-District In 2020)

181-189 Eka Rofiyanti, Eva Arofah, Dwi Agustina, Sukandi
Read Statistic: 27
Pdf Downloads: 18

Local Wisdom And Regional Policy In The Implementation of Friendly Basic Service Covid 19

190-194 Aryo Santiko, Ivan Budi Susetyo, Dwi Agustina, Eka Rofiyanti, Khairur Razikin
Read Statistic: 46
Pdf Downloads: 21

Analysis of The Implementation of Prohibition Buying of Street Vendors in Koja Sub-District North Jakarta

195-203 Guntur Adi Saputra, Eka Rofiyanti, Redjeki Agoestyowati, Dwi Agustina, Olansons Girsang
Read Statistic: 66
Pdf Downloads: 19

Utilization Of Financial Technology Services Media in Improving Customer Satisfaction PT. Shopee International Indonesia

204-211 Euis Komalawati, Rido Ariftio
Read Statistic: 82
Pdf Downloads: 69
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