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Ilomata International Journal of Social Science is a peer-reviewed, open-access scientific journal that promotes an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to social science. The journal focuses on issues related to the communication, social science, public administration, sociology, and political science of new methodologies and technologies that contribute to strategic and operational improvements of organizations within the contemporary global business environment. Journal History

Vol 3 No 3 (2022): July 2022


Published: Jul 31, 2022

Analysis of Service Quality for BPJS Health Participants: A Case Study of a Private Hospital in Bandung

239-250 Dwikora Harjo, Diana Prihadini, Jeruth Ngonzi Tinka, Mara Elaiza Augustine Flores, Alian Natision
Read Statistic: 55
PDF Downloads: 67

Behavior Change Communication as a Strategy to Educate Parents in Guiding Children to Successful Online Learning

251-263 Dwi Agustina, Mohammad Raudy Gathmyr, Md.Ahsan Habib, Pattarapohn Tangphutthiuransakul
Read Statistic: 93
PDF Downloads: 61

The Importance of Improving Service Quality for Customer Satisfaction: A Case Study of Bank Muamalat in Bogor City

264-276 Eka Rofiyanti, Avradya Mayagita, Charles Magwari Omboto, Nataya Premchaporn
Read Statistic: 63
PDF Downloads: 71

Targeting Benefits Governance and Eligibility Criteria for Work Protection and Poverty Reduction Policy Process in COVID-19 era

277-302 Eddy Bruno Esien
Read Statistic: 60
PDF Downloads: 52

The Relationship between Buddhist education in Sriwijaya and Buddhist education in India

303-313 Diah Wicahyah, Alvian Kisna Asyari, Dedi Irwanto, LR Retno Susanti
Read Statistic: 47
PDF Downloads: 49

Sustainable Development: Looking at the Gunong Kleng Village Government Strategy in Implementing Sustainable Development in Meureubo District, Aceh Barat Regency

314-324 Fhanny Inanyah, Vellayati Hajad
Read Statistic: 61
PDF Downloads: 41

The Role of Social Media and Its Implication for Democracy in 2020 U.S. Elections

325-336 Andika Murdani, Halifa Haqqi, Satria Alchatib
Read Statistic: 78
PDF Downloads: 89

Technological Capital Mediation on the Effect of Digital Marketing in Increasing Msme Sales in Batola Regency

337-349 Hikmahwati Hikmahwati, Widya Ais Sahla
Read Statistic: 63
PDF Downloads: 77

Relationship Between The Student Registration Services Communication Process And Student Characteristics

350-359 Maharani Imran, Djuara P. Lubis, Basita Ginting Sugihen
Read Statistic: 93
PDF Downloads: 55

The Urgency of Knowledge of The History of The Langkat Sultancy Social Revolution for The Youth of Langkat

360-366 Ahmad Fuadi, Hayatun Sabariah, Muhammad Sufawi
Read Statistic: 57
PDF Downloads: 32
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