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Ilomata International Journal of Social Science with ISSN Number 2714-8998 (Online) - 2714-898X (Print) : published by Yayasan Ilomata, it is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal freely available online. The aim is to publish articles that contribute significantly to the body of knowledge. It publishes both theoretical and empirical articles and case studies relating to sociology, political science, history, law in society and related disciplines. Published articles use scientific research methods, including statistical analysis, case studies, field research and historical analysis.
The journal may target scientists, researchers, professors, students and policy makers from sociology, political science, history, law in society and related domains.


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Vol 2 No 1 (2021): January 2021

Available online since Janury 2021

Published: Jan 28, 2021

Relationship between Group Cohesiveness and Interpersonal Communication on Organizational Commitment of Elementary School Teachers in the Dahlia Cluster

1-10 Junaidi Junaidi
Read Statistic: 17
Pdf Downloads: 16

Economic Analysis Affecting Tourist Demand on the Number of Visitors to the Gondoriah Pariaman Beach Tourism Object

11-20 Suhatman Suhatman, Nasfi Nasfi
Read Statistic: 18
Pdf Downloads: 7

Measuring The Performance of Teachers of SMPN 6 Cilegon Based on Self-Concept and Teaching Motivation

21-28 Abdul Karim
Read Statistic: 5
Pdf Downloads: 2

Indonesia's role as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council in Assisting the Resolution of Conflict in Afghanistan for the 2019-2020 Period

29-40 Khoirunnisa Jubaidi, Maisarti Razali Budiman
Read Statistic: 23
Pdf Downloads: 11

Employee Engagement as An Effort to Improve Work Performance: Literature Review

41-49 Dian Bagus Mitreka Satata
Read Statistic: 50
Pdf Downloads: 65

Reflections on Viral Poetry “Paskah” on the Existence of Indonesian Religious Diversity


50-54 Achmad Muhajir Muhajir
Read Statistic: 5
Pdf Downloads: 5

Relationship of Situational Leadership Style of Principal and School Climate to Teacher Integrity PAUD at Gambir Sub-District Central Jakarta

55-63 Wanto Wanto
Read Statistic: 16
Pdf Downloads: 13

PAI Curriculum Innovation In Public College To Improve Student Competency

64-72 Muhammad Arifin Arifin
Read Statistic: 5
Pdf Downloads: 8

Islamic Religious Education And Multiculturalism

Islamic Religious Education

73-80 Apipudin Syarif
Read Statistic: 11
Pdf Downloads: 17

Algorithm Configuration K-Nearest To Clarification Medicine Tree Based On Extraction, Variation Of Color, Texture And Shape Of Leaf

81-91 Ardhi Dinullah Baihaqie, Rayung Wulan
Read Statistic: 4
Pdf Downloads: 4
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