Ilomata International Journal of Tax and Accounting serves as the journal that is devoted exclusively to accounting research. Its primary objective is to contribute to the expansion of knowledge related to the theory and practice of accounting in Indonesia, by facilitating the production and dissemination of academic research throughout the world. The scope of the journal covers all areas of accounting. To encourage the growth of Indonesian accounting research and practice, this journal let it open to all approaches to research, including, but not limited to analytical, archival, case study, conceptual, experimental, and survey methods.

This journal can receive all original research articles related to accounting and the development of the theories related to it. This journal concerns:

1. Public Sector Accounting,

2. Taxation,

3. Financial Accounting,

4. Management Accounting,

5. Auditing,

6. Information Systems.

Ilomata International Journal of Tax and Accounting is an ISSN  2714-9846 (Online) - 2714-9838 (Print) journal published by Yayasan Ilomata.

And this journal is committed to improving its research articles’ quality continuously.