This conference is aimed to reach such purposes as follows:
1. Generating theories on contemporary issues in a disruptive era.
2. Innovating new models and methods of digital transformation society 5.0
3. Promoting the importance and relevance of digital transformation society 5.0
4. Building a scientific network among scholars and universities across Indonesia and the world in working together for disseminating and developing the continuous agenda of digital transformation society 5.0
5. Encouraging scholars to address existing problems related to the crisis of humanity in a contemporary context through world scientific gatherings.

The topics of interest to be covered by the Ilomata Conference include:
1. Human Resources
2. Public Sector Management
3. Public Policy
4. Social Welfare
5. Business and Management
6. Financial, Tax, and Accounting
7. Communication
8. Tourism
9. Logistics and Supply Chain
10. ICT, and etc