In Vol 3 No 3 there are several authors from Uganda, Phillipines, Bangladesh, Thailand, Kenya, Czech Republic.


Published: Jul 31, 2022

Analysis of Service Quality for BPJS Health Participants: A Case Study of a Private Hospital in Bandung

239-250 Dwikora Harjo, Diana Prihadini, Jeruth Ngonzi Tinka, Mara Elaiza Augustine Flores, Alian Natision
Read Statistic: 281
PDF Downloads: 307

Behavior Change Communication as a Strategy to Educate Parents in Guiding Children to Successful Online Learning

251-263 Dwi Agustina, Mohammad Raudy Gathmyr, Md.Ahsan Habib, Pattarapohn Tangphutthiuransakul
Read Statistic: 259
PDF Downloads: 220

The Importance of Improving Service Quality for Customer Satisfaction: A Case Study of Bank Muamalat in Bogor City

264-276 Eka Rofiyanti, Avradya Mayagita, Charles Magwari Omboto, Nataya Premchaporn
Read Statistic: 238
PDF Downloads: 267

Targeting Benefits Governance and Eligibility Criteria for Work Protection and Poverty Reduction Policy Process in COVID-19 era

277-302 Eddy Bruno Esien
Read Statistic: 320
PDF Downloads: 181

The Relationship between Buddhist education in Sriwijaya and Buddhist education in India

303-313 Diah Wicahyah, Alvian Kisna Asyari, Dedi Irwanto, LR Retno Susanti
Read Statistic: 300
PDF Downloads: 286

Sustainable Development: Looking at the Gunong Kleng Village Government Strategy in Implementing Sustainable Development in Meureubo District, Aceh Barat Regency

314-324 Fhanny Inanyah, Vellayati Hajad
Read Statistic: 168
PDF Downloads: 158

The Role of Social Media and Its Implication for Democracy in 2020 U.S. Elections

325-336 Andika Murdani, Halifa Haqqi, Satria Alchatib
Read Statistic: 561
PDF Downloads: 470

Technological Capital Mediation on the Effect of Digital Marketing in Increasing Msme Sales in Batola Regency

337-349 Hikmahwati Hikmahwati, Widya Ais Sahla
Read Statistic: 465
PDF Downloads: 429

Relationship Between The Student Registration Services Communication Process And Student Characteristics

350-359 Maharani Imran, Djuara P. Lubis, Basita Ginting Sugihen
Read Statistic: 252
PDF Downloads: 199

The Urgency of Knowledge of The History of The Langkat Sultancy Social Revolution for The Youth of Langkat

360-366 Ahmad Fuadi, Hayatun Sabariah, Muhammad Sufawi
Read Statistic: 163
PDF Downloads: 155