Published: Oct 31, 2022

The Influence of Perceived Price on Revisit Intention through Social Influence for Adaptive Reuse Building in the Old City of Jakarta

367-376 Anita Maulina, Rita Budiarti, Budiana Ruslan, Nur Fitri Rahmawati
Read Statistic: 33
PDF Downloads: 18

Tourist Perceptions of Halal Tourism that Provides Tourist Satisfaction: a Case Study on Tourism in West Sumatra

377-388 Baby SM Poernomo, Mercy Spesa Devina de Fretes, Sukirno Sukirno, Nataya Premchaiporn
Read Statistic: 36
PDF Downloads: 18

The Digital Revolution as a Effort to Build a New Economic Narrative

389-398 Endah Fantini, Samsudin Samsudin
Read Statistic: 60
PDF Downloads: 14

The Existence of Oil Palm Plantations and Challenges for the Riau Provincial Government

399-408 Geovani Meiwanda, Almasdi Syahza, Isnaniah Isnaniah
Read Statistic: 20
PDF Downloads: 22

Innovation of Islamic Religious Education in Forming the Character of State Defense in the Junior High School of Jakarta

409-417 Much Mua'lim
Read Statistic: 19
PDF Downloads: 14

The Influence of Financial Literacy and Lifestyle Against Consumptive Behavior of Generation Z during the Covid-19 Pandemic

418-428 Ratri Paramitalaksmi, Wuku Astuti, Hadjija Dewi Aviva
Read Statistic: 45
PDF Downloads: 18

Children Have Faced Several Challenges: Analyzing Reports of Children Who Became Orphans Caused by COVID-19

429-440 Sarah Madinatu Hassan
Read Statistic: 50
PDF Downloads: 17

The The Analysis of Directorate-General of Tax Information System (SIDJP) Effectiveness to Improve the Employee Performance in 2021 (a Case Study at Pasar Rebo Small Tax Office)

441-452 Deni Malik, Nur Syabrina Lainun
Read Statistic: 39
PDF Downloads: 19

Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation to Improve the Quality of Public Services: A Case Study at the Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah (RSUD) Cengkareng

453-467 Mira Permata Sari, Baby Poernomo, Mara Elaiza Augustine Flores, Nataya Premchaiporn
Read Statistic: 23
PDF Downloads: 16