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Leadership is a leader's way of influencing subordinates with certain characteristics so that they can achieve the desired goals. One of the factors for the success of a leader depends on the leadership techniques used in creating situations that cause the people they lead to arise awareness to carry out what they want. In other words, whether a leader is effective or not depends on how his ability to manage and apply his leadership pattern under the situation and conditions of the organization. Feelings related to job satisfaction and dissatisfaction tend to reflect the worker's assessment of current and past work experiences rather than expectations for the future. So it can be concluded that there are two important elements of job satisfaction, namely job values ​​and basic needs. Work values ​​are the goals to be achieved in doing work tasks. What is wanted to be achieved are work values ​​that are considered important by individuals. It goes on to say that work values ​​must match or help fulfill basic needs. Thus it can be concluded that job satisfaction is the result of labor which is related to work motivation with the degree of importance of job aspects for individuals. An individual will feel satisfied or dissatisfied with his work, which depends on how he perceives a match or contradiction between his desires and the results he gets. This research method is the method of exploration and verification, the analysis tool is structural equation modeling (SEM, PLS). The results showed that the influence of the Covid-19 crisis leadership style on job satisfaction has implications for company performance.


Post-Covid-19 Transformative Leadership Style Job Satisfaction Company Performance

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