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Ilomata International Journal of Tax and Accounting With ISSN Number 2714-9846 (Online) - 2714-9838 (Print) is a journal publishes by Yayasan Ilomata, published original scholarly papers across the whole spectrum of accounting and taxation. The journal attempts to assist in the understanding of the present and potential ability of accounting to aid in the recording and interpretation of international economic transactions and taxation practices

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Vol 2 No 1 (2021): January 2021

Available online since January 2021

Published: Jan 27, 2021

Top Management Support Functions in Higher Education Management Accounting Information Systems

1-16 Lesi Hertati, Rina Antasari, Nazarudin Nazarudin, Irlan Fery, Peny Cahaya Azwari, Otniel Safkaur
Read Statistic: 66
Pdf Downloads: 46

The Influence of the Covid-19 Crisis Transformative Leadership Style on Job Satisfaction Implications on Company Performance

17-36 Vera Wulandari, Lesi Hertati, Rina Antasari, Nazarudin Nazarudin
Read Statistic: 282
Pdf Downloads: 210

The Effectiveness of The Motor Vehicle Tax Tracker Team in Rawalumbu District, Bekasi City

37-43 Rissa Ayu Cameliawati, Ratih Kumala Ratih
Read Statistic: 112
Pdf Downloads: 191

The Influence of Internal Control System, Cash Sales On Regional Asset Management Receipts

44-60 Otniel Safkaur
Read Statistic: 93
Pdf Downloads: 61

The Effect Of Product Quality, Service Quality, Price On Product Purchasing Decisions On Consumer Satisfaction

61-70 Satria Mulia Chaerudin, Afriapoll Syafarudin
Read Statistic: 137
Pdf Downloads: 131

The Effect of Product Quality on Customer Satisfaction Implications on Customer Loyalty in the Era Covid-19

71-83 Afriapoll Syafarudin
Read Statistic: 176
Pdf Downloads: 143

The Influence of Service Quality, Marketing Mix, on Bank Customer Satisfaction in the Era Covid-19

84-96 Rumiyati Rumiyati, Afriapoll Syafarudin
Read Statistic: 277
Pdf Downloads: 299

The Role of Accounting Information System Afflication In Reliability Financial Reporting

97-112 lesi Hertati, Otniel Safkaur, Dwi Yanti, Irlan Fery, Peny Cahaya Azwardi
Read Statistic: 157
Pdf Downloads: 116
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