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Ilomata International Journal of Tax and Accounting With ISSN Number 2714-9846 (Online) - 2714-9838 (Print) is a journal publishes by Yayasan Ilomata, published original scholarly papers across the whole spectrum of accounting and taxation. The journal attempts to assist in the understanding of the present and potential ability of accounting to aid in the recording and interpretation of international economic transactions and taxation practices

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Vol 1 No 4 (2020): October 2020

Available online since October 2020

Published: Oct 31, 2020

Application In Activity Based Costing (ABC) Calculation of Home Development Cost

(Study on Housing in Sidoarjo)

179-184 Hendra Dwi Prasetyo, Kusuma Adi Rahardjo, Iman Supriadi, Nindya Kartika Kusmayati, Moh Wahib
Read Statistic: 48
Pdf Downloads: 35

Competitive Performance Is Affected By A Competitive Strategy With Supply Chain Moderates

185-192 Herlin Rosalina Febriyanti Herlin , Elva Nuraina Elva , Nur Wahyuning Sulistyowati Nur
Read Statistic: 14
Pdf Downloads: 15

Decrease in Labor Levels in the Covid-19 Government Budget

193-209 Lesi Hertati, Wahyudin Zarkasy, Mohammad Adam, Haryono Umar, Harry Suharman
Read Statistic: 38
Pdf Downloads: 26

Top Management Support Functions in Higher Education Management Accounting Information Systems

Management Accounting

210-224 Lesi Hertati, Nazarudin Nazarudin, Irlan Fery
Read Statistic: 37
Pdf Downloads: 33

The Effect of Organizational Performance, Competitive Advantage on the Financial Sector of Chemical Manufacturing Industry in Banten Province

225-242 Uli Wildan Nuryanto, Masyhudzulhak Djamil MZ , Achmad Hidayat Sutawidjaya , Ahmad Badawi Saluy
Read Statistic: 38
Pdf Downloads: 34

Policy Analysis of The Regional Government of Bengkulu Province in Supporting Fiscal Independence in The Autonomy Era

(Case Study on Revenue Department of Bengkulu Province)

243-255 Yohanes Susanto, Panji Suminar, Sugeng Suharto
Read Statistic: 12
Pdf Downloads: 12

Corporate Social Responsibility And Financial Ratio on Market Value Added

256-263 Diyah Santi Hariyani, L. H. Almira Salatnaya, D.Dwi Mardani
Read Statistic: 36
Pdf Downloads: 14

The Direction of Tax Policy in 2021 in the Context Increase Tax Revenue in the 19th COVID Recovery

264-266 Agus Subagiyo, Diana Prihadini, Mainita Hidayati, Dwikora Hardjo, Pebriana Arimbhi
Read Statistic: 63
Pdf Downloads: 31
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