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Published: Jan 27, 2021

Top Management Support Functions in Higher Education Management Accounting Information Systems

1-16 Lesi Hertati, Rina Antasari, Nazarudin Nazarudin, Irlan Fery, Peny Cahaya Azwari, Otniel Safkaur
Read Statistic: 24
Pdf Downloads: 20

The Influence of the Covid-19 Crisis Transformative Leadership Style on Job Satisfaction Implications on Company Performance

17-36 Vera Wulandari, Lesi Hertati, Rina Antasari, Nazarudin Nazarudin
Read Statistic: 73
Pdf Downloads: 56

The Effectiveness of The Motor Vehicle Tax Tracker Team in Rawalumbu District, Bekasi City

37-43 Rissa Ayu Cameliawati, Ratih Kumala Ratih
Read Statistic: 74
Pdf Downloads: 42

The Influence of Internal Control System, Cash Sales On Regional Asset Management Receipts

44-60 Otniel Safkaur
Read Statistic: 28
Pdf Downloads: 21

The Effect Of Product Quality, Service Quality, Price On Product Purchasing Decisions On Consumer Satisfaction

61-70 Satria Mulia Chaerudin, Afriapoll Syafarudin
Read Statistic: 45
Pdf Downloads: 50

The Effect of Product Quality on Customer Satisfaction Implications on Customer Loyalty in the Era Covid-19

71-83 Afriapoll Syafarudin
Read Statistic: 76
Pdf Downloads: 66

The Influence of Service Quality, Marketing Mix, on Bank Customer Satisfaction in the Era Covid-19

84-96 Rumiyati Rumiyati, Afriapoll Syafarudin
Read Statistic: 99
Pdf Downloads: 104

The Role of Accounting Information System Afflication In Reliability Financial Reporting

97-112 lesi Hertati, Otniel Safkaur, Dwi Yanti, Irlan Fery, Peny Cahaya Azwardi
Read Statistic: 74
Pdf Downloads: 51