Published: Jul 31, 2022

Leadership-The Most Important Area of Educational Performance

284-297 Seema Bhakuni
Read Statistic: 115
PDF Downloads: 105

Reformulating a Market-Driven Service Strategy of Community-Based Tourist Destinations Post-Pandemic Covid-19: Evidence from Indonesia

298-318 Ginta Ginting, Ike Janita Dewi
Read Statistic: 100
PDF Downloads: 78

Analysis of Wages and Severance Pay During the Covid-19 Pandemic Reviewed from Labor Law

319-336 Emi Wakhyuni, Siti Nurhayati, Abdi Setiawan
Read Statistic: 122
PDF Downloads: 103

Comparative Analysis of Financial Performance Before and After the Acquisition (Study on the Go Public Acquisitors For The Period of 2011-2019)

337-352 Amalia Nur Masita, Maria Theresia Heni Widyarti, Tutik Dwi Karyanti, Alvianita Gunawan Putri
Read Statistic: 118
PDF Downloads: 85

Financial Literacy and Investment Behaviour of IT Professional With Reference To Bangalore City

353-362 Mahabub Basha Shaik, M. Kethan, T. Jaggaiah
Read Statistic: 303
PDF Downloads: 277

The Influence of Customer Trust and Value on Customer Loyalty Small and Medium Business (Smes) PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Branch Office Cilegon

363-379 Hamdan Hamdan
Read Statistic: 88
PDF Downloads: 70

Importance of Current Ratio and Dividend Yield Ratio in Moderating Process on Stock Prices

380-402 Deni Sunaryo
Read Statistic: 132
PDF Downloads: 98

The Importance of Indicators : Product Quality Direct Selling and Advertising in Solving The Problem of The Pizza Hut Purchase During The Covid-19 Pandemic

403-416 Yoga Adiyanto
Read Statistic: 198
PDF Downloads: 115

Customer Loyalty Analysis Affected by Location and Promotion through Purchase Decisions and Customer Satisfaction

417-428 Azka Nur Khanifah, Aris Budiono
Read Statistic: 128
PDF Downloads: 102

Analysis of the Imposition of VAT on Business Through E-Commerce at KPP Bekasi Utara in 2021

429-438 Teguh Santoso, Riri Julia
Read Statistic: 123
PDF Downloads: 72