In Vol 4 No 3 there are several authors from United State America.


Published: Jul 31, 2023

The Effects of Instagram-Based Information Dissemination and the Perceived Green Value on Z-Generation’s Interest in Thrifting

336-349 Muhimmatul Ifadah, Ana Madinatul Ilmi, Virza Utama Alamsyah, Gede Herry Arum Wijaya
Read Statistic: 551
PDF Downloads: 457

The Trends In Educational Management Research And Its Implications To Higher Education: A Bibliometric Analysis

350-365 Daryono
Read Statistic: 85
PDF Downloads: 132

New Media in Global Politics: the Role of Media in the Image Construction of African Region

366-375 Phoebe Inggrid Angeline Romauli, Nathanael Jusac Lie, Rizqa Aliefiarahma, Aurelia Syafina Luthfi, Glen Matthew, Said Rivaldi Assagaf
Read Statistic: 149
PDF Downloads: 145

The Effects of Religiosity and Halal Knowledge on the Decision to Use the Covid-19 Vaccine

376-389 Nabila Nurrahmi, Reny Fitriana Kaban, Hidayat Sofyan Widjaja
Read Statistic: 119
PDF Downloads: 149

The Role of the Family and Social Networks as Agents of Social Control in Correctional Institution Class I (A case Study in Sukamiskin, Bandung)

390-402 Hilda Mianita
Read Statistic: 151
PDF Downloads: 139

The Role of Indonesia’s Islamic Philanthropic Institutions in Poverty Alleviation During the Covid 19 Pandemic 2022

403-418 Rizkya Lutfi Amalin, Romli SA, Maftukhatusolikhah
Read Statistic: 161
PDF Downloads: 209

Analyzing the Motives of US Foreign Policy in Iraq

419-428 Dina Yulianti, Arfin Sudirman, Francesca Klarensia Angela
Read Statistic: 345
PDF Downloads: 209

The Evaluation of Plantation Development Policy in the City of Tidore Island

429-440 Isra Muksin
Read Statistic: 76
PDF Downloads: 119

The Communication Channels and the Innovation Perception on The Adoption of E-Commerce in Micro, Small Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

441-454 Maharani Imran
Read Statistic: 144
PDF Downloads: 139

The Development Ideas for Travel Applications Featuring Three Tourism Objects in Indonesia

455-465 I Dewa Gde Satrya, Thomas S Kaihatu, Lexi Pranata Budidharmanto
Read Statistic: 82
PDF Downloads: 134

The Impacts of Performance Appraisal on Employee’s Job Satisfaction and Organizational Behavior

466-480 Abdul Basir Hamidi
Read Statistic: 1142
PDF Downloads: 539

The Great Reset: The Implementation of Sustainable Development in Economy Post Covid-19

481-494 Alviola Taraditha Asmarani, Said Rivaldi Assagaf, Raffyanda Muhammad Indrajaya, Kevin Thedeus, Fitria Rachmawati
Read Statistic: 125
PDF Downloads: 100

The Impact of the European Union’s Palm Oil Resolution Policy on the Indonesian Economy Sector

495-507 Fatima Benyaich, Hendra Maujana Saragih, Joel Jeremis Siburian
Read Statistic: 193
PDF Downloads: 232

China as an Alternative Source of FDI: Analyzing The Cases in Indonesia

508-517 Said Rivaldi Assagaf, Aridiva Firdharizki, Hernando Wisnumurti
Read Statistic: 168
PDF Downloads: 145

Government Bureaucratic Behavior in Optimizing Institutional Investment Licensing Services (Case Study in Garut Regency)

518-527 Widaningsih, Novianita Rulandari, Eliya Fatma
Read Statistic: 142
PDF Downloads: 65

Front Matter

Novianita Rulandari
Read Statistic: 44
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