Published: Jan 27, 2023

The The Role of Firm Size in Moderating the Relationship Between Profitability and Share Prices of Food and Beverage Companies

1-13 Taufiq Akbar
Read Statistic: 139
PDF Downloads: 2599

Utilization of Information and Communication Technology in the Tax Administration System to Increase Taxpayer Compliance

14-25 Intan Arsitia Djafri, Intan Damawati, Suharto Suharto, I Gusti Agung Raka Putra Satwika, Rahmatullah Rahmatullah
Read Statistic: 335
PDF Downloads: 2405

Restaurant Accounting System Studies in Indonesia 2021-2022: A Systematic Literature Review

26-37 Nelcie Mussa, Yuliana Yuliana, Ika Ismiyar , Effendi Tjahjadi , Agus Munandar
Read Statistic: 250
PDF Downloads: 2384

Effect of External Audit Opinions and Audit Committees on Financial Resource Management in Public Sector Entities

38-54 Frank Mwombeki
Read Statistic: 233
PDF Downloads: 2322

Fourteen Years of Sustainability Reporting Research in Accounting: Bibliographic Studies

55-69 Rizky Yuniar SURURI, Y. Anni Aryani, Evi Gantyowati
Read Statistic: 233
PDF Downloads: 2266

Corporate Policy Strategy Based on Comparison of Financial Performance Due to the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic

70-91 Wiwik Andriani, Rangga Putra Ananto, Dandi Aprila, Wina Nofrima Fitri
Read Statistic: 149
PDF Downloads: 1832

The Effects of Audit Firm Size, Audit Tenure, and Audit Rotation on Audit Quality

92-103 Kautsar Riza Salman, Bety Setyaningrum
Read Statistic: 328
PDF Downloads: 2445

Financial Performance of Banking Companies on IDX Before as Well as During the Covid-19 Pandemic

104-116 Martinus Budiantara, Ratri Paramitalaksmi, Fiki Rihadani
Read Statistic: 140
PDF Downloads: 2067

Determinants of Tax Avoidance and Audit Quality as a Moderating Variable

117-127 Ayunita Ajengtiyas Saputri Mashuri
Read Statistic: 277
PDF Downloads: 1287

Critical Examination of the Relationship Between Land Taxation and Total Internal Revenue Generated in Kano State, Nigeria

128-144 Atinuke Orekan
Read Statistic: 124
PDF Downloads: 1029