Available online by March 2020

Published: Mar 31, 2020

The Awareness and Compliance Analysis Taxpayer Identification Number

(Study at High School Logistics Management Indonesia)

41-58 Jajang Suherman
Read Statistic: 94
Pdf Downloads: 68

The Effect of Accounting Information Systems (AIS), Leadership Style, Motivation, and Working the environment on the Employee’s Performance at Badan Keuangan Daerah (BKUD) Regency Semarang

59-65 Dyah Pramesti Nur Azizah, Mohamad Hasanudin, Toni Hartono
Read Statistic: 102
Pdf Downloads: 160

Expectations and Standards for Accounting Professions and Implications in the Learning Pattern in Industrial 4.0

66-73 Iman Supriadi, Kusuma Adi Rahardjo, Miya Dewi Suprihandari
Read Statistic: 142
Pdf Downloads: 120

A Review on Fraud Research : A Study of Vote Count

74-88 Yeni Priatnasari, Ari Kuncoro Widagdo, Evy gantyowati
Read Statistic: 117
Pdf Downloads: 55

How to Align Management Commitments to the Successful Implementation of Management Accounting Information Systems in Manager Decision Making

89-102 Lesi Hertati, Otniel Safkaur, Aoron M. Simanjuntak
Read Statistic: 96
Pdf Downloads: 70

The Effect of Return on Asset (ROA), Debt to Equity Ratio (DER), Earning per Share (EPS), Total Asset Turnover (TATO) and Exchange Rate on Stock Return of Property and Real Estate Companies at Indonesia Stock Exchange Period 2012-2017

103-114 Fakhri Rana Sausan, Lardin Korawijayanti, Arum Febriyanti Ciptaningtias
Read Statistic: 558
Pdf Downloads: 516

Does The Value of the Company Affected Intellectual Capital with Financial Performance as Interesting Variables?

115-121 Rio Ahmad Junaedi, Elva Nuraina, Nur Wahyuning Sulistyowati Nur
Read Statistic: 89
Pdf Downloads: 68