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Ilomata International Journal of Management is a peer-reviewed, open-access scientific journal that aims to promote an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to management. The journal focuses on issues related to Business management, Organizational behavior and theory, Human resource management, Entrepreneurship, Logistics management, Tourism and hospitality, and Research Methods of new methodologies and technologies that contribute to strategic and operational improvements of organizations within the contemporary global environment. Journal Indexed or abstracting and Citations Analysis. Journal History

Vol 4 No 2 (2023): April


Published: Apr 12, 2023

Digital Communication Management Bandung City Government in Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Recovery in Bandung City

133-143 Retno Ekasari, Saktisyahputra Saktisyahputra, Nur Ambulani, Syubhan Akib
Read Statistic: 50
PDF Downloads: 44

Small and Medium Sized Businesses Strategy Improving in Sustainability Transformation in Agrobussines Sector Industry in DKI Jakarta Area, Indonesia

144-153 IGP Ratih Andaningsih, Trinandari Prasetya Nugrahanti, Novita Novita
Read Statistic: 38
PDF Downloads: 33

Analysis of Transformational Leadership Dimensional in Improving Knowledge Management of Village Official in Sungai Penuh City

154-168 Ferry Siswadhi, Gampo Haryono, Kasman Karimi
Read Statistic: 46
PDF Downloads: 45

Entrepreneurial Education and Entrepreneurial Skills: Study of Higher Education Students in Indonesia

169-182 Bintoro Bagus Purmono
Read Statistic: 45
PDF Downloads: 29

Korean Beauty Product Branding Trough Men: A Prestige Fulfillment For Fans

183-194 Ananda Wahidah, Siti Nurbayani K, Anwar Soleh Purba, Tutin Aryanti, Imam Malik
Read Statistic: 98
PDF Downloads: 75

Internal Factors Affecting the NPL of State-Owned Commercial Banks

195-206 Mohammad Sofyan, Bambang Heru Purwanto
Read Statistic: 94
PDF Downloads: 26

Bibliometric Analysis of Internationalization Strategies in Supporting MSME Business Growth in Indonesia

207-222 Lina Saptaria, Imam Mukhlis, F. Danardana Murwani
Read Statistic: 45
PDF Downloads: 36

Village Tourism Promotion Through Virtual Tour

223-232 I Dewa Gde Satrya
Read Statistic: 28
PDF Downloads: 22

Relationship Analysis of Employee Human Resources Quality and National Achievement Center Service Performance in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0

233-248 Topanal Gustiranda, Tatan Sukwika, Harsono Hadisumarjo
Read Statistic: 46
PDF Downloads: 12

Digital Skill Confirmation Factor Analysis on the Use of Mobile Banking Services in the City of Surakarta

249-266 Meutria Salma, Refi Rifaldi Windya Giri
Read Statistic: 14
PDF Downloads: 11
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