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Vol 4 No 3 (2023): July


Published: Jul 18, 2023

The Influence of Advanced Enterprise Risk Management Implementation Analyses : The Role Of Environmental, Social and Governance Performances

267-286 Clarissa Maharani, Efa Yonnedi
Read Statistic: 102
PDF Downloads: 155

Performance Analysis by Organizational Culture and Motivation as Mediation, Influenced by Work Environment and Training

287-302 Aris Budiono, Indra Fahrizal
Read Statistic: 55
PDF Downloads: 33

The Nexus between Social, Environmental, Law, Governance Dimensions and Economic Development for Indonesian’s SDGs Achievement

303-317 Rizka Zulfikar, Purboyo; Farida Yulianti; Lamsah, Aida Vitria
Read Statistic: 55
PDF Downloads: 30

Cyber Crime and The Use of Internet Banking in The Community of Denpasar City

318-328 Desak Ayu Sriary Bhegawati, Desak Made Sukarnasih
Read Statistic: 62
PDF Downloads: 33

The Effects of Work Stress and Work Motivation on Employee Performance

329-339 Sandiyudha Wirabuana Putra, Maat Pono, Wahda
Read Statistic: 45
PDF Downloads: 26

Fraud Prevention Through Internal Control and Moral Sensitivity (A Case Study at State-Owned Banks)

340-355 Ricky, Chairul Insani, Mahdi, Deni Riani, Asri Ady Bakri
Read Statistic: 121
PDF Downloads: 44

Non-Physical Work Environment, Career Development, and Work Motivation on Employee Performance

356-367 Deasy Ariati, Nurdjanah Hamid, Andi Kusumawati
Read Statistic: 64
PDF Downloads: 40

The Effects of Halal Certification and Web Design on Purchase Intention Mediated by Brand Trust in E-Commerce of Halal Cosmetics Consumers in Bandung Raya

368-385 Hariyadi Triwahyu Putra, Desi Riyanti, Dita Anggraeni
Read Statistic: 37
PDF Downloads: 34

The Role of Experiential Marketing, Perceived Value, and Sharia Service Quality as Determinants of Customer Satisfaction

386-400 Diskhamarzaweny
Read Statistic: 32
PDF Downloads: 21

The Analysis of Visitor Satisfaction Influenced by Tourist Attractions and Service Quality through Tourism Image in Kawung Tilu, Cikarang Timur, Bekasi Regency

401-418 Jamaludin Khalid
Read Statistic: 46
PDF Downloads: 32

Front Matter

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PDF Downloads: 4
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