Available online since October 2020

DOI: https://doi.org/10.52728/ijss.v1i4

Published: Oct 31, 2020

An Analysis of Sellers’ Social Capital at Kota Teluk Kuantan Traditional Market

166-175 Andri Meiriki, Rika Ramadhanti
Read Statistic: 67
Pdf Downloads: 116

The Attitude Changes Of Local Farmers Toward The Introduction Of Artificial Insemination In The Extensive Of Cattle Raising In The Seram Bagian Barat District, Maluku Province, Indonesia

176-184 Bambang Ngaji Utomo, NLP. Indi Dharmayanti, Muharam Saepulloh, Rahmat Setyo Adji, Procula Rudlof Matitaputty, Ermin Widjaja
Read Statistic: 82
Pdf Downloads: 133

Implementation Of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Menteng Mitra Afia Hospital In Educating The Public

185-195 Henilia Yulita, Koerniawan Hidajat
Read Statistic: 158
Pdf Downloads: 182

Level Adoption Of Feed And Organic Fertilizer Technology Based on By Products of Oil Palm Plantation Industry In Lamandau District, Central Kalimantan

196-207 Bambang Ngaji Utomo, Ermin Widjaja, Bambang Suharyanto, Yaumil Putri Erlambang, Mohammad Sofyan
Read Statistic: 232
Pdf Downloads: 207

The Potential Of Dki Jakarta Tourism Object Development Case Study In Pancasila Sakti Monument In Lubang Buaya Jakarta

208-215 Nur Fitri Rahmawati, Anita Maulina, Bisma Widyawan, Trie Andari Ratna Widyastuti
Read Statistic: 152
Pdf Downloads: 191

Consumer Behaviour In Halal Food: A Systematic Mapping Study

216-224 Anita Maulina, Nur Fitri Rahmawati, Anisa Arizona
Read Statistic: 204
Pdf Downloads: 182

Capacity Of Firefighters Fire Fighting Officers In The Implementation Of The Sister Village Program

(Case Study On Fire Disaster Risk Reduction Efforts In Dki Jakarta)

225-231 Dwi Agustina, Eka Rofiyanti
Read Statistic: 103
Pdf Downloads: 119

The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the World of Education in Indonesia

242-250 Novianita Rulandari
Read Statistic: 3279
Pdf Downloads: 2089

Evaluation Of Government Policy On School From Home And Its Impact On Parents Stress Level In Bekasi City

251-256 Widiyono, Diana Prihadini, Siti Nurbaity, Heksawan Rahmadi, Roby Irvawan
Read Statistic: 86
Pdf Downloads: 109

The Effect Of Price Discounts And Packaging Bonuses On Impulsive Purchasing Decisions To Consumers Of Alfamart In Sunter Jaya, North Jakarta

257-263 Trinik Susmonowati, Ida Royani
Read Statistic: 349
Pdf Downloads: 271

Trusmi's Written Batik Manufacturer Industry And Its Impact On Trusmi's Trusmi's Batik Written Creator In The Village Trusmi Kulon Cirebon

264-270 Ai Nety Sumidartini
Read Statistic: 138
Pdf Downloads: 139