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DOI: https://doi.org/10.52728/ijss.v2i3

Published: Jul 31, 2021

Culture Insight Of New Age Technology For Underdeveloped Society Lidia Djuhardi Faculty of Communication Science

152-156 Lidia Djuhardi
Read Statistic: 8
Pdf Downloads: 24

Digital Learning and Teaching in the Age of COVID-19 Pandemic : Challenges, Opportunities,and Solutions

157-161 Nadiah Abidin, Wahidin Septa Zahran, Trie Andari Ratna Widyastuti, Vita Vitisia, Saktisyahputra
Read Statistic: 116
Pdf Downloads: 41

Does Covid 19 Pandemic Have a Direct Impact on the Level of Trust and Commitment toward Hospitals as Health Service Providers in Yogyakarta?

162-170 Yuni Heriyanti
Read Statistic: 12
Pdf Downloads: 16

Analysis of Citizen Relationship Management (CRM) in the effort of Handling Public Facilities Infrastructure (PPSU) in the Kartini’ Sub District , Central Jakarta

171-180 Mary Ismowati, Ati Mediana, Hashim A. Abdullah, Yuyun Mulyati
Read Statistic: 40
Pdf Downloads: 22

Analysis Of The Effectiveness Of Work Planning In Improving The Performance Of Civil Servise Police Unit/ Satpol PP

(Case Study: Planning Work Of Control For PKL at Pancoran Sub-District In 2020)

181-189 Eka Rofiyanti, Eva Arofah, Dwi Agustina, Sukandi
Read Statistic: 10
Pdf Downloads: 15

Local Wisdom And Regional Policy In The Implementation of Friendly Basic Service Covid 19

190-194 Aryo Santiko, Ivan Budi Susetyo, Dwi Agustina, Eka Rofiyanti, Khairur Razikin
Read Statistic: 23
Pdf Downloads: 15

Analysis of The Implementation of Prohibition Buying of Street Vendors in Koja Sub-District North Jakarta

195-203 Guntur Adi Saputra, Eka Rofiyanti, Redjeki Agoestyowati, Dwi Agustina, Olansons Girsang
Read Statistic: 44
Pdf Downloads: 14

Utilization Of Financial Technology Services Media in Improving Customer Satisfaction PT. Shopee International Indonesia

204-211 Euis Komalawati, Rido Ariftio
Read Statistic: 30
Pdf Downloads: 47