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Published: Apr 30, 2022

Transnational Network and Information Flow in African Refugees and Undocumented Migrants’ International Migration Process

117-132 Eddy Bruno Esien
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PDF Downloads: 17

The Interplay of Gender and Ethnicity Towards Language Choice of Filipino Youth

133-145 Anniebelle Diaz
Read Statistic: 33
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English Loanwords in Tamil: Fix Illicit Consonant Clusters

146-155 Pushpa Rani Subramani Selvan

E-Commerce Tax Regulatory Instructions in the Indonesian Government's Business Communication to Supports Social Justice

156-166 Geofakta Razali, Retno Ekasari, Nadiah Abidin, Lokita Pramesti, Endang Susanti
Read Statistic: 44
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Shedding Light on the Management of School Operational Assistance (SOA) Fund Effectiveness: a Case Study of State Basic Education Level in Demak Regency

Tegar Putra Wijayanto, Agus Sunarya Sulaeman, Ryan Nugraha

Implementation of Health Protocols in Facing Pandemic Covid-19 in Ragunan Zoo

Armaini Akhirson

Partnership and Service Operation Systems in Improving the Performance of Samsat Service Operations in West JavaThe government has regulated the pattern of identification and registration of motor vehicle ownership administration and the pattern of imposi

Mukti Subagja

The Development of Multicultural Based Islamic Education Curriculum in General Higher Education

Sutardjo Atmowidjoyo, Mugiyono Mugiyono, Nahuda Nahuda

The Critical Analysis of Competence Development of Head of State Madrasah

Saiful Mujab