Published: Apr 30, 2022

Transnational Network and Information Flow in African Refugees and Undocumented Migrants’ International Migration Process

117-132 Eddy Bruno Esien
Read Statistic: 83
PDF Downloads: 91

The Interplay of Gender and Ethnicity Towards Language Choice of Filipino Youth

133-145 Anniebelle Diaz
Read Statistic: 84
PDF Downloads: 57

English Loanwords in Tamil: Fix Illicit Consonant Clusters

146-155 Pushpa Rani Subramani Selvan
Read Statistic: 52
PDF Downloads: 52

E-Commerce Tax Regulatory Instructions in the Indonesian Government's Business Communication to Supports Social Justice

156-166 Geofakta Razali, Retno Ekasari, Nadiah Abidin, Lokita Pramesti, Endang Susanti
Read Statistic: 108
PDF Downloads: 58

Shedding Light on the Management of School Operational Assistance (SOA) Fund Effectiveness: a Case Study of State Basic Education Level in Demak Regency

167-181 Tegar Putra Wijayanto, Agus Sunarya Sulaeman, Ryan Nugraha
Read Statistic: 56
PDF Downloads: 59

The Implementation of Health Protocols in Facing Pandemic Covid-19 at Ragunan Wildlife Park

182-194 Armaini Akhirson
Read Statistic: 82
PDF Downloads: 58

Partnership and Service Operation Systems in Improving the Performance of Samsat Service Operations in West Java

195-206 Mukti Subagja
Read Statistic: 32
PDF Downloads: 34

The Development of Multicultural Based Islamic Education Curriculum in General Higher Education

207-215 Sutardjo Atmowidjoyo, Mugiyono Mugiyono, Nahuda Nahuda
Read Statistic: 63
PDF Downloads: 49

The Critical Analysis of Competence Development of Head of State Madrasah

216-228 Saiful Mujab
Read Statistic: 33
PDF Downloads: 33

Local Government Efforts to Prevent Stunting at the Village Level

229-238 Syahrul Syahrul, Ikhsan Ikhsan
Read Statistic: 64
PDF Downloads: 70