Published: Oct 20, 2023

Tourist Market of Visiting Friends and Relatives

528-536 I Dewa Gde Satrya
Read Statistic: 103
PDF Downloads: 139

Ideal Formulation of Human Rights Regulation in Indonesia

537-547 Muannif Ridwan, Suhar AM, Ishaq
Read Statistic: 206
PDF Downloads: 165

Community Knowledge and Stigma About COVID-19: An Indonesian Perspective

548-559 Safira Grace Sondakh, I Gede Purnawinadi, Christa Vike Lotulung
Read Statistic: 98
PDF Downloads: 90

Political Configuration of Law in Law Enforcement in Indonesia

560-576 Khoirunnisa, Didi Jubaidi
Read Statistic: 147
PDF Downloads: 122

The Influence of Entrepreneurial Orientation and Information Technology on the Performance of MSMEs

577-591 Nurul Qalbiah, Hikmahwati, Noor Safrina
Read Statistic: 107
PDF Downloads: 100

The Impact of Resource Exploration and Capital Expenditures on the Realization of Local Government Budgets in Indonesia

592-606 Eka Rosalina, Rini Frima, Wiwik Andriani, Ulfah Arima Rm
Read Statistic: 73
PDF Downloads: 81

Sweden Feminist Foreign Policy in Building Women Entrepreneurship (SHE-Leads Program) in Saudi Arabia 2017-2021

607-621 Bhilla Aliffitria, Yanyan M Yani, Dina Yulianti
Read Statistic: 119
PDF Downloads: 97

Implementation of Manokwari Regency DPRD Duties Regarding Supervision of Regional Government Performance Based on Law Number 23 of 2014 concerning Regional Government

622-633 Irfan Christianto, Filep Wamafma, Atang Suryana
Read Statistic: 395
PDF Downloads: 89

Legal Protection of Workers/Labor in Determining the Minimum Wage of West Java Province In 2023 Linked to Government Regulation Number 36 of 2021 Concerning

634-647 Sri Nurcahyani
Read Statistic: 65
PDF Downloads: 80

British Coercive Diplomacy Under Prime Minister Boris Johnson to Russia as an Effort to Resolve the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

648-662 Suhayatmi, Hendra Maujana Saragih
Read Statistic: 147
PDF Downloads: 159

Analysis of Crude Oil Price Determinants on Indonesia's Export Volume for the Period 1992 -2022

663-673 Fibria Anggraini Puji Lestari
Read Statistic: 77
PDF Downloads: 77

A Analysis of Digital Transformation in Public Services (Case Study: Banyumas Regency Public Service Mall)

674-688 Falih Suaedi, Muhammad Zulfikar
Read Statistic: 122
PDF Downloads: 132

The Effect of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), COVID-19 on Firm Performance with Firm Life Cycle as a Moderating Variable

689-705 Muthiya Dwi Febrianty, Pratana Puspa Midiastuty, Eddy Suranta, Danang Adi Putra
Read Statistic: 310
PDF Downloads: 209

Unveiling the Pathways to Sustainable Lobster Industry Development: A Comprehensive Case Study of Sawarna Village, Banten Province

706-726 Diajeng Reztrianti, Mishelei Loen, Achmad Sulistyono
Read Statistic: 209
PDF Downloads: 145

Empowering Kratom Farmers in Strengthening Functions of Family Institutions in Hulu Kapuas District

727-735 Sabran, Nahot Tua Parlindungan Sihaloho
Read Statistic: 81
PDF Downloads: 115

Implementation of Village Fund Direct Cash Assistance Program Policy in Sungai Kakap District Kubu Raya District

736-749 Yulius Yohanes, Nahot Tua Parlindungan Sihaloho
Read Statistic: 78
PDF Downloads: 74

Digital Slavery in Tiktok Social Media Christian Fuchs Perspective

750-762 Ibnu Azka
Read Statistic: 220
PDF Downloads: 161

Study on the Effect of Sociocultural Aspects on Consumer Interest Purchasing Japandi (Japanese-Scandinavian) Household Goods in Indonesian Marke

763-774 Jessica Elisabeth Scholus, Jefri Pranata, Nawangwulan Rizqi Andriani
Read Statistic: 155
PDF Downloads: 130

From Trend to Choices: Cognitive Dissonance and Fast-Fashion Consumption Among Indonesian Influencers

775-786 Hasandra Wulan Dewi, Ivone Harjoko, Rino Febrianno Boer
Read Statistic: 214
PDF Downloads: 177

A Case Study of the Hashtag #Freepalestine: Cultural Communication and Public Opinion Transformation

787-803 Nurul Anisa, Ivone Harjoko, Rachmad Khadifa
Read Statistic: 341
PDF Downloads: 214