Published: Jul 31, 2022

COVID-19 Budget Refocusing: Evidence from Indonesia

236-249 Wulan Rachmadani, Djoko Suharjanto, Doddy Setyawan, Samsul Rosadi
Read Statistic: 34
PDF Downloads: 37

Empirical Evidence from the Indonesia Stock Exchange: The Influence of Debt to Equity Ratio (DER) and Return on Equity (ROE) on Sharia Stock Prices

250-257 Sri Bulkia, Burhannudin, Kurniaty Kurniaty, Alpia Rahmah, Mustaghfiri Abdan
Read Statistic: 25
PDF Downloads: 25

The Effectiveness of Tax Audit as a Self Assessment System Supervision Measures and Tax Revenue Support (Study at the Large Tax Office 4)

258-271 Dian Wahyudin
Read Statistic: 27
PDF Downloads: 33

Importance of Liquidity Indicators in Intervening the Dividend Policy

272-289 Deni Sunaryo
Read Statistic: 31
PDF Downloads: 20

Market Risk Disclosure: A Study on Systemic Banks in Indonesia

290-296 Hendri Setyawan, Edy Suprianto
Read Statistic: 41
PDF Downloads: 17

The Influence Computer Assisted Auditing Tools and Techniques (CAATTs) and Professional Ethics on Auditor Performance

297-307 Rutmada Silalahi, Panubut Simorangkir, Taufiq Akbar
Read Statistic: 31
PDF Downloads: 17

Effectiveness of Collection of Land and Building Tax in the Rural and Urban Sector (PBB-P2) Receivables in Increasing the Realization of Revenue in the Revenue Agency of Bekasi City Area in 2019-2021

307-319 Citra Novlyani, Dinda Annisa Darmawan
Read Statistic: 26
PDF Downloads: 16

Restaurant Tax Audit Analysis in the Order to Test Taxpayer Compliance at Suku Badan Pendapatan Daerah Kota Administrasi Jakarta Selatan in 2021

320-327 Alief Ramdan, Tuaraja Simon Sinaga
Read Statistic: 23
PDF Downloads: 17

Analysis of Implementation of Entertainment Tax Collection Policy in the Order to Increase Regional Tax Revenue at the DKI Jakarta Regional Revenue Agency

328-338 Rahadi Pratomo Singgih, Siffa Fitri Anisa, Mira Permatasari
Read Statistic: 25
PDF Downloads: 16

Analysis of the Quality of Public Services on Imported Consigned Goods for Use in Realizing Excellent Service at KPPBC Type C Intermediate Customs Post Office Pasar Baru in 2018

339-350 Eko Tjahjono, Pebriana Arimbhi
Read Statistic: 21
PDF Downloads: 15