In Vol 4 No 3 there are several authors from Tanzania.


Published: Jun 16, 2023

Analysis of Tobin's Q, Market to Book Value of Equity and Profitability (ROA), on Asset Growth in Property Companies on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)

374-384 Sari Bulan Tambunan
Read Statistic: 278
PDF Downloads: 519

Repeated Tax Amnesties in Indonesia: An Evaluation of Tax Compliance

385-406 Indradi
Read Statistic: 160
PDF Downloads: 369

The Effect of Changes in Layers of Taxable Income Article 17 of the Law on Cost of Goods Sold, Reporting of Individual Tax Returns and Taxpayer Awareness of Income Tax Receipt at the Pratama Sawah Besar One Tax Service Office

407-437 Novianita Rulandari, Salsabila Rahmayani
Read Statistic: 156
PDF Downloads: 416

The Effects of Ownership Concentration, Company Size, and Profitability on Internet Financial Reporting

438-450 Tri Utami Lestari, Muhammad Nur Fauzi
Read Statistic: 156
PDF Downloads: 248

The Moderation Role of Tax Rate Reduction and Firm Size on the Effects of Tax Aggressiveness on Company Value

451-469 Faisal Ardhi, Arief Wibisono Lubis
Read Statistic: 192
PDF Downloads: 374

The Effects of Green Innovation, Eco-Efficiency, Business Strategy, Technology Information Investment, and Profitability on Firm Value

470-490 David Silaban, R.Rosiyana Dewi
Read Statistic: 257
PDF Downloads: 438

An Empirical Study on the Effects of Managerial Competence on Firm Profitability

491-507 Beny Mwenda, Magwana Ngollo, Amosi Mwasota
Read Statistic: 125
PDF Downloads: 388

The Tax Revenue from Agriculture and Manufacturing Sectors in Lower Middle-Income Countries with Exchange Rate as a Moderating Variable

508-523 Destiny Wulandari, Suparna Wijaya
Read Statistic: 221
PDF Downloads: 286

Tax Revenue, FDI, and Agricultural Sector: A Dynamic Interaction with Regulatory Quality as the Moderation

524-545 Firda Maharani Anwar, Suparna Wijaya
Read Statistic: 300
PDF Downloads: 513

The Influence of Operating Cash Flows, Investments Cash Flow, and Funding Cash Flow on the Company Value in Technology Sector

546-560 Herman, Randy Chaidir
Read Statistic: 169
PDF Downloads: 422

Juridical Analysis of Tax Criminal Law Enforcement: an Overview of Legal Regulations and its Implementation in Indonesia

561-583 Heriantonius Silalahi
Read Statistic: 325
PDF Downloads: 481

Maturity Level of Fraud Risk Management in Tax Institutions in Indonesia

584-598 Ariyadi Teguh Wibawa, Agustinus Nicholas L Tobing
Read Statistic: 179
PDF Downloads: 352

The Mediating Effect of the Intention to Quit as the Impact of Locus of Control on Dysfunctional Audit Behavior

599-612 Iman Supriadi
Read Statistic: 172
PDF Downloads: 179

The Determinants of Tax Revenue in the Context of International Transactions in the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Regions 2002-2019

613-627 Hendiva Tri Nugraha, Suparna Wijaya
Read Statistic: 193
PDF Downloads: 159

Searching For Tax Revenue Determinants in N-11: The Moderating Role of Regulatory Quality

628-645 Emilio Pascal, Suparna Wijaya
Read Statistic: 172
PDF Downloads: 172

Front Matter

Daryanto Hesti Wibowo
Read Statistic: 36
PDF Downloads: 53