Published: Apr 30, 2022

Underpinning Hawley’s Risk Theory of Profit on Risk Intelligence and Sustainability Relations of SMEs in Nigeria

140-150 Murtala Garba, Fauzilah Salleh, Usman Ahmed Hafiz
Read Statistic: 161
PDF Downloads: 114

Institutional Arrangement in the Investment Sector through Inter-Organizational Communication

151-165 M. Widaningsih Widaningsih, Novianita Rulandari
Read Statistic: 69
PDF Downloads: 54

The Challenges of Leadership in Indonesia in Implementing the Digital Transformation of Community 5.0 in the Context of Improving MSME Capacity

166-174 Mohammad Aliardo
Read Statistic: 177
PDF Downloads: 132

The Analysis of Activity-Based Management Implementation to Increase Cost Efficiency in Hotel XY Semarang

175-193 Nadzifah Sabila Husna, Mohamad Hasanudin, Musyafa Al Farizi Farizi
Read Statistic: 175
PDF Downloads: 177

Teaching Factory Management in Vocational High Schools

194-202 Ratna Suhartini
Read Statistic: 107
PDF Downloads: 74

Implementation of 9P Marketing Mix Strategy in Order to Increase Sales Volume in Abdul Ghoffar Rejotangan Tulungagung's Koi Fish Farming Business

203-221 Irkha Fitriana Jumari, Sri Eka Astutiningsih
Read Statistic: 298
PDF Downloads: 219

Design and Development of Information Systems Supporting Stock Investors "Batch of Automatic Stock Analysis System"

222-241 Dipta Harimbawa, Moh. Hasanudin, Bagas Putra Pradana, Afiat Sadida
Read Statistic: 92
PDF Downloads: 77

Analysis Model of the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Profitability of SMEs

242-252 Ardian Widiarto, Lardin Korawijayanti, Arum Febriyanti Ciptaningtias, Tutik Dwi Karyanti
Read Statistic: 127
PDF Downloads: 82

The Influence of Perceived Price and Product Quality on Shopping Decisions on the Cumart Digital Application with Customer Trust as a Moderating Variable

253-263 Rezky Agung Setiawan, Koerniawan Hidajat
Read Statistic: 171
PDF Downloads: 141

Impact of the Implementation of Green Human Resources Management: A Study of Systematic Literature

264-283 Lina Saptaria, Budi Eko Soetjipto, Cipto Wardoyo
Read Statistic: 310
PDF Downloads: 201