Available online since January 2021

DOI: https://doi.org/10.52728/ijjm.v2i1

Published: Jan 25, 2021

Analysis of Regional Financial Management of North Bengkulu District Towards Regional Independence in The Autonomy Era

1-7 Yohanes Susanto, Shinta Wiji Rahayu
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The Effect of Debt Financing and Equity Financing on Expense Ratio Profit

(Case Study of Sharia Commercial Banks Registered with Bank Indonesia Period 2011 - 2018)

8-14 Deni Sunaryo
Read Statistic: 70
Pdf Downloads: 40

The Influence Of Leadership And Supervision Of Employee Performance In The Employee Cooperatives PT. Purna Baja Harsco Cilegon

15-22 Rt. Erlina Gentari
Read Statistic: 41
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Strategy for Implementing the Bureaucratic Reform of The Regional Government of Bengkulu City

23-29 Yohanes Susanto, Shinta Wiji Rahayu
Read Statistic: 16
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Corporate Management Reviewed from Financial Performance Viewed from Corporate Social Responsibility

30-34 Eko Meiningsih Susilowati
Read Statistic: 32
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An Examination of The Relationship Between Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Image and Customer Loyalty: The Mediating Role of Customer Attitude

35-50 Rachmat Hidayat, Endang Saefuddin Mubarok, Rukun Santoso, Wiwin
Read Statistic: 82
Pdf Downloads: 117

The Use Social Media For The Continuity Of The Covid 19 Pandemic Era Business

51-55 Yayuk Yuliana, Vera Kristiana
Read Statistic: 102
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