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DOI: https://doi.org/10.52728/ijjm.v1i3

Published: Jul 30, 2020

Debt to Equity Ratio (DER), Earning Per Share (EPS) Analysis of Company Value at PT Indosat, Tbk

83-87 Desi Ratnasari, Puji Muniarty
Read Statistic: 633
Pdf Downloads: 524

Influence of Inflation on Poverty in Bima City

88-92 Junaidin Junaidin, Puji Muniarty
Read Statistic: 323
Pdf Downloads: 255

The Changes Of Norms Among The Youths Relationship In A Small Town

93-101 Syukron Ma'mun, Khaerul Umam, Zamzami Zamzami
Read Statistic: 118
Pdf Downloads: 139

Recruitment Analysis on Employee Performance With Variable Control As Moderating On Manufacturing Company

102-111 Nashrudin Setiawan, Emi Wakhyuni, Nur Afrina Siregar
Read Statistic: 418
Pdf Downloads: 322

The Effect of Work Conflict and Work Stress on the Spirit at Work of Local Water Company (PDAM) Employee in South Solok Regency

112-120 Suhery Suhery, Agus Nurofik
Read Statistic: 225
Pdf Downloads: 235

The Effect of Non-Performing Loans (NPL) and Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) on Profitability (ROA) at PT. Bank Central Asia (BCA), TBK

121-126 Rita Anggriani, Puji Muniarty Muniarty
Read Statistic: 1231
Pdf Downloads: 644

Karo Traditional Business Development

127-133 Yayuk Yuliana, Diana Sopha
Read Statistic: 435
Pdf Downloads: 178

Consumer Behavior in Online Transportation Services: A Systematic review of Business Strategies

134-144 Jafar Basalamah, Muh. Haerdiansyah Syahnur, Muhammad Ashoer, Andi Faisal Bahari
Read Statistic: 1551
Pdf Downloads: 1110

The Analysis of Cash Management to Cash Ratio At PT. Bima Indo Persada

The Analysis of Cash Management to Cash Ratio At PT. Bima Indo Persada

145-148 Muhtar Muhtar, Puji Muniarty
Read Statistic: 229
Pdf Downloads: 234